For the 10th anniversary of the LOST finale, we voted on items from the Dharma Cafeteria pamphlet that came along with the Dharma binder I picked up a few years ago at Half Price Books. This particular meal was Wednesday's option and included ham & cheese (with special garlic mayo by Chef Hugo), macaroni & cheese as the vegetarian option (I updated it and did Chrissy Teigen's mac & cheese bites figuring Hugo would have been okay with it---they were amazing!), potato chips (good old Pringles), carrot & celery sticks, and cherry gelatin cup.

The consensus was that the Dharma lunch was delicious but a very large roundup of food, TBH. We'll be having mac & cheese bites for at least 2 more meals, but whatever. The garlic mayo was just an online aioli that added garlic, lemon juice, and salt/pepper to prepared mayo and it was lovely.


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