Finding Healthier Finds

 In the interest of living a bit healthier lately (which you can read more about over on The Fitness Situation), my meals and treats have changed. I still consider the things I make and eat to be Good Finds, it's all just slightly scaled back with less white flour, sugar, and more vegetables. Don't worry, the holidays will still be of the standard variety, I'm just doing my part to not weigh or drink so much anymore so my blood pressure isn't quite so crazy. 

My lunch today: something I found on Pinterest that was a collection of healthy 4 ingredient Bento Boxes FROM DIFFERENT REGIONS OF THE WORLD! The only thing missing was a state or national flag from each! This is the Nordic Box: 2 Wasa crackers, smoked salmon (I used lox last week), cucumbers, and a boiled egg. I cheated a little and put a little olive oil over everything just so the salt, pepper, and dill would stick, but not enough to make it greasy. It was a lovely dish.

Earlier in the month, our oven stopped working, which happened at this exact time last year, too. It wasn't anything major, just a wire coming un-connected, but we were without an oven for a little over a week while we waited for a technician to come fix it. In the meantime, we had also run ourselves out of vanilla, cocoa powder, and all varieties of oil as well. I made these, FIXATE Cinnamon Roll Muffins, and my daughter handled the aesthetic icing for me. They are made with white and almond flour, and I subbed in a half cup of spelt flour as well since I ran out of white, and all was well. The spice was perfect and the combination of flours made for a bit of a rugged texture and a kind of depth you don't get from strictly white flour baking. So delicious! 


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