Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks

These orders from Etsy arrived today!

I remember paging through my mother's complete collection of these cookbooks when I was little, looking at all the pictures and illustrations of food and thinking of how someday I'd make them all, myself. Later I even started copying some of my favorite recipes down, just so I'd have them in a notebook somewhere. My mother really didn't use these very much; my dad picked them up for her when he was working at a radio station in Mankato, Minnesota in the early years of their marriage. When I started feeling nostalgic a month or so into the quarantine, I started looking these up online just to see if they were still around. Ours had been sold or donated, so I decided I'd start up my own collection for both the nostalgia AND the recipes! With any luck, some of them may become good finds very soon! Stay tuned.


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